TSAEE – Tanzania Society of Agricultural Education and Extension

Welcome to the Tanzania Society of Agricultural Education and Extension (TSAEE) Lake Zone.

TSAEE was established nationally in 1984 as a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) registered under NGO ordinance with registration SO 6471 in Tanzania.  The Lake Zone of TSAEE observed its tenth anniversary in 2012.

Aim: The aim of the organization is to promote professional spirit among agricultural teachers, trainers, researchers, extension agents, managers and administrators.

The objectives of the society are:

  1. To provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas through scientific research, instruction, publications, meetings and other such activities.
  2. To focus attention on the challenges of agricultural education and extension with a view to improving effective communication for agricultural development.
  3. To review the policy and practices of agricultural education, training and extension in order to identify problems and suggest solutions.
  4. To cooperate and liaise with related institutions and organizations, both national and international, in all matters of mutual interest.


  • Vision of TSAEE Lake Zone

In 2020, TSAEE is an efficiently-run professional organization where members can actively exchange knowledge and experiences and provide agricultural education and extension services to rural and peri-urban communities leading to rural development in Tanzania.


  • Mission Statement of TSAEE Lake Zone

TSAEE promotes professional spirit among qualified agricultural experts to voluntarily facilitate farmers’ initiatives to increase agricultural production and income and improve livelihood among rural and peri-urban farmers in Tanzania. Dedicated members provide training, guidance, consultation and technical assistance to attain community-based participatory rural development. TSAEE operates as a leading edge non-profit organization to advance the art and science, practices, policies and study of rural extension in Tanzania.


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