Past Events

International Development Week 2016: We are Making a Difference!
Beny Mwenda is an instructor in rural development and serves as the Rural Development Coordinator and Chair of TSAEE in the Lake Zone – a national organization that supports agriculture professionals to improve food security and reduce poverty, particularly among rural women and youth. In partnership with the Marquis Project of Brandon, Manitoba, TSAEE developed a fair trade craft program for rural women. Beny’s efforts have helped improve agricultural practices, value-chain development for chickens and tomatoes, climate change adaptation, establishment of agro-forestry plots, adoption of improved cooking stoves, micro-credit management, and HIV/AIDS awareness. Watch the video at

Canadian National Fair Trade Network (CFTN)
The 2016 CFTN conference was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with Mr. Beny Mwenda as a keynote speaker on February 19, 2016. See the CFTN annual report for 2016 at

Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC)
See the MCIC annual report for 2016 at Photo of Mr. Mwenda of TSAEE is on page 4.

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