The Marquis Project of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.
See a list of projects funded by the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation through support to member agency The Marquis Project:

Canadian Agricultural and Rural Extension Society (CARES)
“To promote the practice of agricultural and rural development for the purpose of improving food security and the quality of life for people in Canada and around the world.”
See the video from International Development Week with CARES member Corina Lepp at
See a summary of a past project through the Agricultural Institute of Canada and CARES members at

People to People of Manitoba, Canada.
Past projects are listed at

SNV Tanzania Improved Cookstoves programme (TICS)

Manitoba Horticultural Association
The project ran from 2014-2016 entitled “Improving Tanzanian Small Holder Farmers’ Participation in the Tomato Value Chain”. TSAEE worked with small holder tomato growers (women/youth) in Misungwi District, Tanzania to improve their bargaining power, increase their market intelligence and to work with other players in the tomato value chain to attain a more competitive advantage.

Rivers Kids Club Nursery School Inc.
2013 – 2014: TSAEE facilitated a “Pre-School Enhancement Project in Nyamatala Village”. Children aged five and six in Tanzania may voluntarily attend two years of pre-school education. Improving the pre-school environment at Nyamatala Primary School in the Lake Zone through a provision of food program, classroom and sports supplies, and teacher capacity building, and encouraged attendance and supported literacy and numeracy during subsequent mandatory schooling.

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